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Your Dashboard

So simple, you will fall in love with it.

Product management

Manage your products, description & pricing.

Catalog management

Categorize your products to help your shoppers find products easily.

Store Settings

Setup your store link, currency, payment instructions & delivery fees.
Receive orders on WhatsApp
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Get incoming orders on your personal WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business Phone number

Delivery or Pick-up

Use OnWhats.App E-store to get orders for both Delivery & Pickup

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No more queues, place an order, pay, collect, and done! As easy as this sounds.
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Plain and simple order taking 👇

  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited categories
  • Receive order e-mails
  • Multiple languages
  • Use your own domain*
  • Your own WhatsApp number
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Business in a box 📦

Partner Plan - your very own onWhatsApp service

No yearlyplan
  • Same as OnWhatsApp
  • All features
  • Fully white labelled with your branding
  • Charge subscriptions using Stripe
  • Your service, your price ;)
  • 100 stores included
  • No hosting required
  • No technical knowledge required*
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WhatsApp Bots

1 number, multiple users

  • Automatic updates
  • Multiple user roles
  • WhatsApp Business API
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Do I get an online store?

Absolutely! Your own WhatsApp store will be,

I want my own OnWhatsApp service with my branding to sell to customers

Of course! Sign up for the Business in a box plan and go for gold!

How do I collect payments?

No Payment Gateway required. You can collect payments via cash on the counter, cash on delivery, payment links, PayPal, QR codes, totally up to you. Make sure you key in these instructions while setting up your store!

Is there a dashboard available?

Of course. Through your dashboard you can manage products, payment settings, prices, etc.

How do I create a QR for my store?

Your store link, i.e. can be used to embed into a QR code using services like

Why should I use OnWhats.App?

Get your existing customers to view your entire catalog and help them place an order with you using a simple e-store link.

Do you have an inventory management dashboard?

Not yet, it is on our roadmap though. For now you can simply toggle off the items with no stock and toggle it back on once available, simple.

Why is your service so cheap?

We're hustlers, like you and want to make sure you make the most out of your e-commerce journey.

Do you take a % per sale?

No way.. though if you'd like to buy us a coffee or pizza, go straight here ->

Is this legal?

Absolutely! We're just leveraging on the open APIs, nothing that breaks the rules. ;)